Our Approach

Idox is Europe’s leading funding information provider, with a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of funding provision from local to European level and a successful background in developing and managing our own products and services as well as those of our clients.

How we support our clients

We work with our clients at every step of their project. From concept through to delivery and beyond, strive to provide cost-effective, bespoke funding solutions.

Our skills and expertise cover the following key stages, working through established workflows (click to view a larger image):

How we support our clients flowchart

Overview of the Idox Funding Research Process

From desk research and information compilation to data classification and publication, our research process covers the key elements required to ensure our content output is comprehensive, accurate, timely and fit for purpose (click to view a larger image).

Funding Research Process flowchart

A team of content and editorial specialists

The funding landscape is a highly dynamic one; it is prone to constant change. Idox’s investment in research offers the most experienced and best-informed team in the business. Our large and dedicated research team has a collective pool of knowledge of the funding environment that is unmatched. Each researcher is also a respected regular contributor to articles and blogs on specialist subjects within the funding environment, often reflecting topical developments.

The Idox Research Team has built a reputation of authority through a total commitment to the intelligence gathering and reprocessing of information – information, of course, that is only as good as its relevance, accuracy and topicality. As a direct result, the information Idox provides via the web is updated continually. As soon as a member of the team sources a new scheme or updates a deadline, the information is there for our clients at the touch of a button.

Research and editorial process

High-quality research and editorial management are central to everything that Idox publishes – having strong processes in place is key to the maintenance and growth of large volumes of data. Alongside that, we have implemented appropriate testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure that quality is upheld.

Idox’s editorial team’s skills span traditional print publishing, copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, quality management and editorial project delivery. They ensure that no information is published unless it has been through a strict editorial process:

  • information is entered onto the content management system
  • it is copy edited by nominated editing specialists
  • it is approved, or sent for rework until it is suitable for publication

Idox has a tailored a testing process, refined in collaboration with a number of public bodies, which involves benchmarking a sample of their data against a performance index. This is done on a monthly basis and it allows them to take a continually refreshed view about the quality of the information published based on its accuracy, completeness and adherence to style guidance.

Style and structure

All published information is written to a formal, bespoke style guide(s). This defines how we approach the structure and composition of our content, and includes guidelines for what information is included. We aim to make the information provided as useful and as accessible as possible and will tailor style guidance depending on the intended audience.

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